Quality Assurance

Titivated with the latest of machinery, our manufacturing unit of 12000sft is also equipped with all state-of-the-art infrastructures, which allows us to bring forth international standards in all our products. This is also important for our large-scale production capacities which help us meet the ever-rising demands of the market and helps outdo our competitors by a fair range. We are also specialists when it comes to customization of our product-line; we can tailor-suit all our products to fit different industry requirements. Also, our in-house Research and Development team is always in place to ensure we make the best use of such modern equipment to maintain the excellent reputation we have earned in the market today.

Client Satisfaction

Our team has certain specialized production mechanisms in place, which have helped us keep-up our high annual production capacity for years. We base all our production procedures on the demands of our clients. The highly intelligent research and development team we have, conducts several activities to keep us in line with all the technological advancements happening across the world. With the help of this team, we manage to integrate the best of technologies into our systems. This ensures that we can improve our production mechanisms and maintain our name as specialists in large productions of socketing solutions to PVC Pipes, and other special purpose machines and press tools.
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